Get documents digitally signed easily with EchoSign

Email not only speed up the communication across the globe but sending files and documents which made it lot successful and almost removed the necessity for using fax machines except at few places of which one is when you need to send across your real sign in a digital document.

Thos digital sign can be put in any document using Digital pen or even you can scan your signature and use Photoshop to paste it files but not everybody has the provision and managing a huge number of such cases is another headache.

Manav pointed me to an online tool, EchoSign which is pretty impressive tool which allows you to manage and get your documents digitally signed in a professional way.

For example when you want to get a document signed by 5 people and the should all receive it the final document at the end, there is a proper work flow which you need to follow.

Preparing documents to be signed up
Preparing documents to be signed up

After you sign up with them you will have a form which will help you mange documents to be signed. This interface lets you add any number of email id. So make sure you follow the order which you do in your business e.g. From Junior staff to senior.

  • You can either upload or select document from Google Docs.
  • Password Protect the document.
  • Position the signature fields.

In case you don’t have digital copy it supports Fax i.e. you can send a fax to them and they will create a digital copy out of it.

Once done with this you can send the document and it will start the workflow one by one.  The first email id will receive a public link which he can  open and put his signature either using a Digital Pen or Just type in his name and it create a handwritten signature for him.

Digital Signature for Documents
Digital Signature for Documents

Like you can see above, When I typed my name it creates a hand written signature for me. You can choose to draw your signature also by click on the link below. Once done the user will have to Click to Esign. The users who need to sign do not need to signup with this service.

Similarly all the users are emailed one by one for which you receive notifications also. You can also send reminder to those emails if they do not send back the document to you. Remember the next person who receives the document will see all the signatures made prior to him.

The service is not free which you might have guess by now however it allows 5 documents to be signed up every month. So you can

  • Use this if you have need of this occasionally.
  • Between your friends.
  • To test if this will fit for your business.

The only drawback which I found in this was there is no option where you can mix both Fax and Signature. There are few countries where internet is pretty slow and fax is a good option. So if I can categorize fax for few people and e sign for others it will be a useful add-on.

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