Get G+ Notification even when you are not on it or any Google Product

If you are one of the heavy Google Plus Users, you must have noticed that unless you are on one of the Google Product like Google Home Page, Google Reader etc you dont get to see the notification bar or the share bar.  So quiet possible that you are writing an article or watching a movie and somebody pinged you on Google Plus which is important but since you are not there on Google Plus or any Google Product, you fail to get notified.  ( You can skip this if you keep your phone in front all the time running G+ App )

Google knew this and since they don’t people to have a reason to miss anything on G+, They created a notification extension for Chrome ( Again!! ) which will notify you with a count and let you see it.

Google Plus Notification

What is interesting is that you will realize that this is no different from the notification tool on Google Plus. You can see all of them, interact with any of the updates and mute it if you find it buggy.

What is missing however in this is ability to update my status update to Google Plus. So even with this if you want update something to your profile, you need to go to Google Plus and update. Not sure why this is missing here because this will be a seriously awesome extension. I would never have to switch webpage when I wanted to update.

Tools and Extensions for Google Plus :


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