Get ideas for creating ads and posters

Ads have a very important role in our lives today. Ads need to be highly creative and same is the case with posters, if you want them to be loud and clear.

If you need to create an ad or may be a poster, here is an awesome resource, which can help you.

THE AD GENERATOR is an awesome resource to get some amazing ideas for creating Ads and Posters.

As said on the homepage of THE AD GENRATOR –

The ad generator is a generative artwork that explores how advertising uses and manipulates language. Words and semantic structures from real corporate slogans are remixed and randomized to generate invented slogans.

These slogans are then paired with related images from Flickr, thereby generating fake advertisements on the fly. By remixing corporate slogans, I intend to show how the language of advertising is both deeply meaningful, in that it represents real cultural values and desires, and yet utterly meaningless in that these ideas have no relationship to the products being sold.

In using the Flickr images, the piece explores the relationship between language and image, and how meaning is constructed by the juxtaposition of the two.”

Though the aim of THE AD GENERATOR is just to show how the language of advertising is deeply meaningful and meaningless at the same time, but I found THE AD GENERATOR to be damn useful, especially in scenarios of block. When nothing seems to be working, you can visit THE AD GENERATOR, and may be you end up getting some beautiful idea.

Here are some examples –

So, next time when you fall short of ideas, try it, maybe you get something which can help you.



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