Get Licensed Software for Free

It is a convenient initiative allowing you to get the best commercial software for free.Every day offer licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise, for free! They are giving away one software each day which you can download it from their site directly.

Each Application given on has a fixed Active Giveaway time left for that day after the time is over application will not be available for free.

You can also get lots of freewares from their site For the latest freeware check out their freeware library.But If you are more interested in games rather than applications and software check out Game Giveaway of the Day.They are not giving very costly applications but their site is new so in the beginning they are at least giving some useful applications used in day to day activities.They issue all software for home or non commercial purposes

Licensed Software for Free

Not only this they have a partner program through which you can get your blog/website featured in their Partners Section! Check Out for More Info About The Partner Program.

The only drawback of this is the way the software gets installed. The software are installed using a custom program of Giveaway of the Day. As long as you do not uninstall, the software will work but once you uninstall and try to install though the Giveaway Application it will fail.

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