Get Live Preview of Open Tabs in Firefox : Tab Scope

Anytime you want to see whats one the second tab or if it has loaded completely or not you need to manually switch and many a times it does not meet your expectations.  So if you have ever wished to get Windows 7 Like live preview of open Windows Explorer or applications, Tab Scope for Firefox just does that.This Firefox Add-on once installed, generates a live preview of any open or loading tab you mouse hover it.  This not only saves lot of time but makes it more fancy!!

Google News Preview of Tabscope

What else it gives you apart from previews :

  • Pin Tabs, Reload Tabs, Zoom and Close Tab
  • You can use Backward and Forward buttons.
  • You can even open a link which is seen in the preview i.e. understand this like view the page in a small window.
  • Launch the Group Tabs feature of Firefox.

Apart from these you can control the Width and Height of preview, hide the toolbars and so on.  Below is a video demo :

Download this addon from here


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