Get notifications on floating Bubbles: Live Wallpaper for Android

If you have ever used an Android based smartphone, you might be aware of the notification area, and the notification which appear for almost everything like for a missed call, for a new SMS, any new emails, Twitter mentions etc. Generally an Android user keeps these notifications customized, that means the user decides for what things does one really want to get notified about, and no doubt notifications are something really worth. Here is a new interesting way to get notified for different events. A Live Wallpaper, named as Notification Bubbles WALLPAPER, where the bubbles keep on popping from the bottom of Screen of your Android phone, these bubbles also show you the notifications on them. Have a look at the snapshot below –

Get notifications on Bubbles Live Wallpaper for Android free


Also, you don’t need to pull down the notification area too see the notification with in the respective app, simply tap on the floating bubble, the bubble will burst out with a bubble burst sound, and will land you to the app. Also, you can even try bursting out the bubbles which are not carrying any notification just for fun.

Once installed, you can access the ‘Notification Bubbles WALLPAPER’ under the Live Wallpaper section on your device; simply open the menu on the home screen, select ‘Wallpaper’, now launch ‘Live Wallpapers’ , now find the one which reads ‘Notification Bubbles’, now you get the option to ‘Set Wallpaper’ or you alternatively you can choose ‘Settings’

‘Settings’ allow you to customize the ‘Notification Bubbles WALLPAPER’. You can customize it for the types of notification which will appear on the bubbles, like the SMS, MMS, Call, also for Facebook, Twitter and Gmail (for these you need to provide your login ID with password), you can also select the number of bubbles to be present on the screen at a time, option to choose the colours of these bubbles, and to disable/enable the bubble pop sound is also there. Another interesting feature on this app is, you can actually select a contact from your contact list, and option to SMS or Call on this particular number will keep floating in a form of heart bubble on your home screen, this feature is known as ‘My darling’, so putting it across in a simple language, this feature is the one using which you stay just a tap away from calling or texting your darling.

Notifications on Android as Bubbles Live Wallpaper

Floating bubbles look awesome for sure, you would have realized this in some windows screensaver earlier as well. So, give it a try on your Android as well, and share your views about it with us. However, be sure to change your wallpaper if you are traveling, as Live Wallpapers are battery hogs.

Install Notification Bubbles WALLPAPER from the Android Market


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