Get notified when new files are added in a shared folder

In Office environment sharing folders and then emailing people about is very common thing but then it becomes painful when you need to update all of them again or you get tired of polling the folder all the time for new content every time somebody shared a folder with you.

Share Watcher is shared folder tracking software which feature to let know you when a new content is added to a network folder. It supports Sub Folder and File Types filter. This becomes very useful as it saves time on both the sides.

Share Watcher Options

Like you can see here, there is no browser option to find the shared folders over a network, you will have to manually browse and the copy the full path and set option on what kind of files you want to watch for. It also supports for FTP servers for which you can configure credentials. You also have option to temporary disable this if the updates are too frequent and not required for you.

Apart from this you can also watch the folders shared by you. In case you have given write option to anybody you will get to know the updates. Now if somebody deletes the file which is important there is no option here to get a backup, but if that is a primary need for you, we would suggest you to use Directory Changes Watcher which comes with a Mirror Feature.

Going on step ahead, if there are lot of people accessing your shared folder, the computer might get slow because of high network activity. To counter this problem the software comes with a flood controlling feature where you can restrict on number of people.

Share Watcher Settings

Also there is an option to ignore certain files like thumbs.db etc for  My Shares but for Other Shares you dont have such options which could have added more benefit to the application. Download Share Watcher


  1. Microsoft has long had sotware similar to this for the corporate user – Sharepoint. It lets you share folders, check them in and out and be notified when files are added, modified or deleted.

    It is good to see this technology being brought to the home user as well.


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