Get reminded on email for important events : Alertful

Alertful is a free email reminder service that you can use to send an email to remind yourself of an event that might be due next week or a yearly event like your wife’s birthday, which I am sure you don’t want to miss.

What makes Alertful stand out from other reminder tools is simplicity.  It comes with predefined ideas or reminder templates like Birthday, Expiry, Things to do, meeting, insurance renewal, holidays, call someone, get shopping, money, pet, feed the dog, which you can straightforwardly use or choose a custom if it’s totally out-of-the-way.

Once you set the reminder, an email is sent according to how you configured the reminder to be. For some, it’s yearly; for some, it’s every day.

Said that its simple; this reminder tool has no management area where you can go and find all the reminders you have set. So, when setting up a reminder, ensure you added the correct email id and date. However, a reminder can be deleted if you did something wrong by choosing an unsubscribe link with the email.

You can start using Alertful immediately, but make sure you read the FAQ on this. It’s completely free.

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