Get T-Shirts with Twitter logos and Your Twitter name printed on it

Twitter is the online abode of several brands, tech savvy, bloggers, freelancers, executives etc. slowly we are heading to a world where Twitter username of an individual will be his/her primary identity, moreover branding Twitter username is another fashion and a demand too.

So, how about wearing a T-Shirt which has a Twitter logo and your Twitter handle (Username) on it?
Sounds cool, isn’t it? has the answer, You can now easily order a T-Shirt with a Twitter logo and your Username printed on it, There are several options, choose the one which suits you best, and place your order. Shown below is a snapshot of some of the designs.

If you are following @pringOO on Twitter, you can avail a discount of 25%.

T-Shirts look nice and aren’t much expensive as well, I can tell you more about the stuff and quality as soon as Ashish gifts me one, LOL

So, Go ahead, create and account on and brand your Twitter handle, has several other stuff for sale, like mugs, stickers, posters etc., don’t miss that.

Visit for Twitter T-Shirts Homepage


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