Get the Vista Look on Windows XP


With all the talks of Vista going around, its human that we all want the looks and feel of it running on our Windows XP machines. There are some solutions like Style XP and Windows Blind, but they all don’t change everything completely. One of the magazines i was going through caught my eyes. They have tested it, and this is what they say “Windows Vista Transformation pack does all that and without any system crash.” Find out how you can get the Windows Vista Look on Windows XP with a Transformation pack.

Get the Windows Vista Look on Windows XP with Transformation pack

This software will convert your Windows XP look and feel into Windows Vista Looks and Feel. I have seen this working on my computer, and it doesn’t make it slow, but still, you need some good memory. So take a look at them below and think

Vista Transformation Pack Affect

Get the Windows Vista Look on Windows XP with Transformation pack

So what do you think? Awsome right!! Ok here are some quick tips, and then you can follow the link to the original site itself.

Tips for Installing Vista Transformation Pack

  • You need a better hardware configuration, specifically better ram of around 512 will be good. You can still try, but it might slow down your system.
  • It will take 200MB of space for complete installation and 2-5 minutes.
  • It has a preview thumbnail feature, and the sidebar is heavy, so if it takes a little time to install, be patient.

The Source of this software is Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 – The Santa is here!

Download Source Download Vista Transformation pack

UPDATE: One of the readers mailed and asked me if the system remains XP: Yes, it does. Only look and feel is changed as per VIsta, no changes in the operating system. The application installs a theme like a feature on top of the UI. Its actually more than the UI because a lot of changes happen in the shell, but it does the job.


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