Gift a wardrobe to your Firefox with Personas

Personas for Firefox is a Firefox add-on, using which you can dress up your Firefox with different skins.

Have a look at the collection of some skins.

Looks great, isn’t it? This is a simple and easy to use add-on, simply install it and later you can access the options for Personas for Firefox under the Tools tab, as shown below.

Clicking on the Personas Preferences, you get a window as shown below.

The Custom Persona option allows you to create your Persona, simply use your favorite photos as Header and Footer and get a new personalized Persona, however, you need to choose wide photos for this, to get results, if you don’t have your photo in some wide resolution, you can try this –

  • Open the photo in Windows default picture viewer, zoom it, and keep only the part you want to see in your Persona.
  • Now take the snapshot of this zoomed view, crop it, and save it, now use this image for Header and Footer, this can help you only with high resolution photos.

So go ahead, and decide the dress code for your Firefox now. Personas fro Firefox is just a tool to change the skin; this doesn’t change anything other than looks.

I loved this add-on, change the looks, without making any compromise with performance and other accessibility options.

Install Personas for Firefox


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