How to find Gmail Account Creation Date, One question asked during hacked account recovery process

One of the questions required to be answered to get back your hacked Gmail Account of Google Account is “When was it created” which I am sure 99% of the users don’t have the answer because it was only available in the welcome email that you receive from Google Team. Since Gmail started with an invite and it was like 2004 or something, many of us even were mature to understand its importance of email. Its a pity that this is such an important data and there is no way to find an answer, until today.

Google Plus today, introduced a surprisingly new option in Google Takeout called as Google Plus Circle Migration Tool. So for example when you want to use one account over other, you might want to merge them so you can still keep the circle etc. Now not everything can be moved here but only Google+ Circles and Followers.

Google Circle Transfer Tool

Surprisingly when you hit that takeout option, you will get to know when the account was created and when you had used it last. Forget about rest of the part but this is a gold mine, because nobody else can tell you that, not even when you ask the support team.

Gmail Account Created Date


So apart from remembering labels, emails, account details etc, Make sure to have this date somewhere noted which is very crucial. Do it now. Via Nirmal


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