Gmail adds Preview for mails but lacks important features

Gmail has introduced another wanted feature, Sneak Peak which lets user to preview their complete email conversation in small windows which is similar to what many email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and Online Email providers yahoo already have.

Sneak Peak in Gmail
Sneak Peak in Gmail

The idea is pretty neat and useful as it saves lot of time to see the entire conversation, in fact the navigation provided in the  preview windows makes it lot cleaner however the Gmail Shortcuts doesn’t work on this preview window and all you can do is Archive, Delete, Mark as Read apart from navigation of conversation and view the entire email.

Many of you might have opinion that it’s just preview and hence so but if you feel like  replying right from there, you will  have to open the conversation and then reply but if the shortcuts would have worked it could have saved more time for us.

Moreover the link which says View Entire thread doesn’t take you that part of conversation you are viewing but at the end of the email which is another drawback.

You can enable this in your Gmail account by going to Settings > Labs > Look for Sneak Peek and enable it.


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