Gmail doesn’t allow you to forget the attachment, if mentioned in the mail

I recently came across this post on The Official Gmail Blog, there were couple of tips in this post related to the attachments; however there was one tip which I never knew about, probably because I never forgot to attach a file.

While sending an email, if we want to attach a file, we generally mention it in the email body by writing phrases like “I’ve attached” or “see attachment” in such case if you forget to attach a file, and hit the ‘Send’ button, it reminds you by popping a message as shown below.

Use phrases I've attached or see attachment and gmail wont allow you to forget the attachment

However, looks like these are the only two phrases, because I tried adding ‘Find the Attachment’, ‘Sending the File as Attachment’ etc. and this didn’t work, and the message was sent without any warning.

Thanks to Gmail Team for this amazing feature, however it needs some more work, the phrases mentioned above (for which no warning was generated) and also another phrase like ‘Sending the file’ etc. should also be added for the warning generation if no attachment was found.

There is another nice tip here, which several people are unaware of is the search for attachment inside your Gmail, if you are not able to find an email which has an attachment, you can simply search for ‘has:attachment filetype’, replace ‘filetype’ with the one you are looking for e.g. jpg, pdf, xls etc.

Search for mail with particular file type as attachment

If you want to know more ways of searching within your Gmail account, you can read this post too, knowing the search techniques in Gmail can help you in managing your account using Multiple Inboxes as well.


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