Simple Gmail Label tweaks you can make use of

Labels in Gmail is an excellent way to organize your emails which is similar to folders or tagging. Gmail Labs come with few tweaks which you can apply on your Gmail default label to organize your email even more efficiently specially if you do not want to use Outlook or Thunderbird like clients.

Hide Labels from Subjects :

Lets start from reverse. I met a friend who uses labels heavily but when he is on move he uses an  iBook which has very small screen. Though labels have made his work lot easier but because labels is right where the subject line is, he has to scroll horizontally a couple of time to get more detail.

Gmail Labs “Hide Labels from Subjects” feature helps you enable a tweak which removes the labels from subject line which gives him more room.

Hiding Labels

So the next question is how does he handle the list of large labels on the sidebar ? Lets read the next tweak.

Hide read labels :

This feature displays only the labels for which you have new emails. This helps in reducing the clutter and let you concentrate on your work.

New Email Label

Nested Labels :

If you have emails which fall into different group but point to the same topic, they can be grouped into Nested labels which is similar to sub folders. All you need to Add slashes (/) to label names. Below is an example :

Nested Labels Gmail


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