How to Mark an Email Unread from Anywhere (Gmail)

We all come across multiple emails in our inboxes every day. While some emails are short enough and can be read instantaneously, many are not. You may have been in an instance where you wanted to go back to a mail and read it entirely but forgot since it showed as read on the Gmail website or app. This is precisely what Gmail’s Mark email as unread feature is for. In this article, we will tell you how to mark an email unread from anywhere in Gmail.

Mark an Email Unread from Anywhere (Gmail)

What is Mark Unread From Here?

Marking messages and emails as unread has been a feature on email websites and messaging apps for a long time. This feature allows users to return to an email and message more efficiently and not forget that it is unread since it is highlighted when marked as unread.

The mark unread from here feature works similarly, but rather than marking an email as unread from the regular view, you mark it as unread from the conversation. That way, you can return to a particular part of the conversation and continue reading it without unintentionally missing it.

How to Mark an Email Unread from Anywhere (Gmail)

Marking emails as unread for the Gmail website and app is a relatively straightforward process and does not involve a lot of steps. Here’s all that’s covered:

  1. Using the Web Interface
  2. Gmail App For Smartphones

Both methods are the same except for the UI differences.

1] Mark Any Email From A Conversation As Unread In Gmail For Desktop

Follow these steps to mark any email from a conversation as unread in Gmail for desktop:

  • Open a conversation in Gmail. A conversation forms when you have replied to an email or received a reply to one of yours.
  • Now, head over to any mail in the conversation and click on the vertical triple dot icon in the top right of the mail.
  • From the list of options that opens, select Mark Unread From Here.Mark Unread From Here In Gmail

That’s it! This will mark a specific email from the conversation as unread.

2] Mark Any Email From A Conversation As Unread On Gmail App For Smartphones

Follow these steps to mark any email from a conversation as unread in the Gmail app for smartphones:

  • Open the Gmail app and then open an email conversation.
  • Go to the desired Email in the conversation and click on the vertical triple dot icon from the top right corner.Mark Unread from here in Gmail app for smartphones
  • This should open a menu. From the menu, click on Mark as unread from here.


Small changes in how you organize and read your emails can greatly enhance your productivity and let you read emails more efficiently. This article discussed how to mark an email unread from anywhere in Gmail. We hope you found the article to be helpful. Please make sure that you share it with everyone.

How to Mark as Unread in Outlook?

To mark emails as unread in Outlook, open the outlook app on your Windows computer. Now, in the inbox, right-click an email and select Mark as unread from the context menu to mark it as unread. To mark multiple emails as unread, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on each Email to select all together. Then right-click and select Mark as unread.

How to Mark Email as Unread on Gmail for Desktop

Follow these steps to mark Email as unread on Gmail for desktop:

  • Open the Gmail website in your web browser.
  • Now, once you are in the inbox view, right-click any email.
  • From the context menu that opens, select Mark as unread. This will highlight the message and embolden it.Mark a single message as unread in Gmail
  • You can also select multiple emails and right-click them to mark them as unreadClick the check box before each Email to select it.Mark Multiple Messages as Unread In Gmail Website
  • If you wish to view all the unread messages in Gmail, go to the search bar and click the filter icon on the right.
  • This will allow you to filter all the unread messages. To do so, select unread mail from the search field in the filter window.
  • Now, click on the Blue search button. This will display all the unread emails.View All Unread Emails In Gmail Website Using The Search Filter


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