GoDaddy Blocking Domain transfers or BUG ?

Recent SOPA Issue and Domain Giant, GoDaddy Support to it triggered a chain reaction among Webmasters transferring domains in bulk which was in thousands ( Huge Loss to GoDaddy in Long Run ) and now Tamar, NameCheap Community Manager is reporting that webmasters who have transferred domains to Namecheap are getting issues and its because

GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap, delaying the transfer process. This practice is against ICANN rules.

It so happens that to transfer domains verification is necessary and is pulled from WHOIS record from where the domain has to be transferred. Now if the data does not show up from source the transfer will be left pending.

In the comments Webmasters have also commented back that their transfers are half complete and waiting for next batch which shows as pending. Irony is even though GoDaddy has taken back their support from SOPA but it seems customers have lost faith

So are the webmasters left in between, Answer is NO because this verification can also be done manually by the team to where the domain is getting transferred which here is NameCheap. It will take a lot long time but looking at the comments it seems people are saying wait is worth.

The other problem could be a bug in the system but if it so then I would say the timing is really really bad. Via Ryan

Update :  NameCheap Blog finally confirmed that all queries have been unlocked and transfer queue is being cleared so customers wanting their domain transferred, things will be quicker.


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