How to Display latest public Google Plus status in your emails ( Signature )

Google Plus is  yet to release an API which will allow to get clients and other apps to work along but if you ever wanted display your latest Google Plus Update in your Email ( as signature ),  WiseStamp has just created an extensions for most of the popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Video : How to setup Google Plus Status In Email :

Direct Link

Steps to install WiseStamp Google Plus App :

  • Go to this url
  • Download and Install the App.
  • Click on the Wisestamp App and it will automatically prompt you for your Google Plus Profile ID
  • Copy from your profile ID and Paste.
  • Make sure not to include ending forward slash.
  • Preview and Confirm.
  • Next Open any email client and compose or new email, You should see your Google Plus udpate there.
Google Plus Update in Email


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