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Google Adsense is a content targeted ad program which allows you to make money for every click. But many of us make a lot of mistake specially by clicking our own ads.I was reading over a couple of articles on Google Adsense after I came back from work and it was really funny.I usually go through forums and it just gave an idea why not collect some samples on what Adsense doesn’t like and what Google Adsense does…So just start now.I am not writing of much of my own just sample data I wanted to share. In fact this is a case study which I did long back and brining it back to you with some added and updated live examples.

Don’t Do it With Adsense.

1.Dont Click Yourself.:-

“Originally Posted by scroller
Thank you for advices, i made mistake by saying to my friends to click on ads sometimes, i dont want google to ban me. I told my friends not to click anymore. But what if i clean cookies every day, would that make any difference? Just asking…”

The answer is no. Google scripts can track everything right from your ip and from the place where visitors came before clicking the add.

2.Dont Loose your account:-

If u ever loose your account that happens if they find your are generating clicks or some other means BE POLITE! Don’t demand that your account be reopened. Don’t get all flustered or vent anger through your email. This won’t serve any purpose.
Next, write to Google and ask them to clarify their reason. BE POLITE! Realize that there is another human being reading your email and they are simply doing their job.

Its not impossible but chances are two low some of the people lost their account and never got back…so be careful try it but don’t hope it.

3.Don’t generate false clicks :-

A funny story at“If you read my blog in an aggregator, you probably haven’t noticed the little advertisements at the top of the page. These ads are served from Google as part of their AdSense program and require a bit of javascript to display (hence they do not show up in individual blog postings as I intended). I put them there mainly as a whim since a) It’s free and b) someday when I’m destitute but read by millions, these ads will put food on the table. Admittedly, I am not giving up my day job banking that “b” will happen. However, my wife just informed me that she just noticed the ads them and has been clicking on them all day. :D I let her know that Google probably tracks cookies so that clicking on them repeatedly won’t make us rich, but I appreciate the intent. She’s always looking out for me. A truly lovely person. “Another intresting story i came across i am not sure if its true but its interesting.Apparently a man in California has allegedly been trying to defraud Google first by writing a program which created fraudulent AdSense clicks. Then he tried to sell his program to web publishers. Did he use AdWords to promote it I wonder?:-

Headline: Cheat the AdSense system

Body1: How to cheat AdSense steal money

Body2: from Google & advertisers.Info hereURL:

Not finding many buyers – did his ad go to the wrong landing page? – he eventually hit on the bright idea of blackmailing Google instead to the tune of $150,000.

And this is the latest article i read in adsense forum….

I’ve just received the warning below from Google. Does anybody know how this can be happening as it’s certainly not being instigated by me, and how I can prevent it?

Regards, Steve.

“It has come to our attention that invalid clicks or impressions have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s) through users of third-party programs paid or provided with other incentives to visit your site. Such programs may include, but are not limited to auto-surf, pay-to-surf, pay-to-read, or pay-to-click sites.

As a reminder, any method of generating invalid clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited by our Terms & Conditions and program policies:

If we continue to detect invalid clicks or impressions from these services on your ads, we may disable your account to protect our advertisers.


The Google AdSense Team”

Well that say be careful.!!!!!!!

4.Next threat: clicking circles: “I?ll click yours if you click mine.”

“Are you ever tempted to click on a friend?s AdSense, or to have them click on yours?

Well, don?t do it!

Google takes doing this, which is known as “click fraud”, very seriously. Why just last week, Google filed a lawsuit against someone for doing exactly that. They mean business.
An excerpt from the lawsuit explains that “because advertisers pay Google for each click on their advertisements, Google strives to ensure that each click is generated by a user legitimately interested in accessing the site being advertised”.

Put another way, it?s stealing.

And if people do it to your AdSense ads on your site, you benefit from it, and so you too could face legal action. The same holds true if you click on your friend?s ad.

Just..don?t?do it.

You can read more about this at CNET

5.Don’t spam

If you find anything which is not Googles u can send this information to google and the can track it.So the basic is don’t try to spam your site containing google add and make people click its not going to work and you might get caught.There are critics in this but i was able to collect 2 stories for it.

“Basically, the instructions are to click on the “Ads By Google” or “Ads by Goooooogle” links you see shown as part of ads. That brings up a page asking for feedback. You then have to make sure you include either the term “spam report” or “invalid clicks” as part of the comments you send. It would be better if these were options associated with the form. Rather than having to remember what code word to employ, just give us a drop-down box or check boxes that list the problems we might have with the ads.”

Matt Cutts talked about a new way of dealing with “adsense spam” at the Webmaster World conference yesterday, in an attempt to deal with adsense scraper sites and terms/policies violating sites.
It is similar to how many people have currently been reporting adsense sites. Simply view the violating page, click “Ads by Google” or “Ads by Gooooogle”, and on the following page, be sure to enter “spamreport” into the comment field, as well as including the specific violation.

You can do it anonymously, or include your email address if you wish. And with the “spamreport” keyword, it will go to the team in charge of quality checking adsense sites. ”
Well in response to this lot of people fired back and started writing and they are :-

1.I have been filling out spam reports for a year, and none of the offenders have been removed… So why bother?


I’ve filed out a 100 of them and don’t think anything was done with a single one. If they would just look at my negative site lists in adwords they’d find 150 of them.

3.They have the vote buttons, when I see a spam site I vote numerous times with the :( and than fill out a spam report.. No Help… The spam stays and the good guys have to suffer or go spammy also. :(

I hope you enjoyed this post and i would like to say i am not copying anything just got some info from here and there and shared it.



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