Google Chrome Frame brings HTML 5 tag and Javascript performance improvement to Internet Explorer

Google Chrome Frame is on going plugin development which brings Google Chrome’s open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. You might not note any changes in your IE but overall performance i.e. rendering experience and HTML 5 tags support.

Though IE 8 does support HTML 5 tags but if you are still using IE 6 or 7 this can be really helpful. Not sure if one would really need this plugin but sounds good when it comes to older version of IE or if one wants to take advantage of Chrome’s Open Web technologies. This plugin is still in development stage but can be downloaded from here Via Google Chromium Blog And here is video explaining more on this

Update : Read out an Interesting analysis by Lee Mathews @ DownloadSquad which finds out that Google Chrome Frame is like 10MB to install and If this doesnt stay updated may lead to crash IE further. Probably that why said “Not sure if one would really need this plugin”. What you take ?


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