Google Music Player Shortcuts : And they are obvious

Recently Google announced their Music Service, Google Music to available for everybody but only in US and since you will be stuck all the time with the online music player,  unless the API opens up for everybody,  Lifehacker was able to grab the snapshot of the player shortcuts which you can use to power manage your playlist and songs. Surprisingly it is way more than what official shortcuts has to offer

Below is the list ( Omit the Colons (:) )

  • Space bar : Play or pause music
  • Right arrow : Go to the next song
  • Left arrow : Go to the previous song
  • <Shift>Right arrow : Seek forward In the current song
  • <Shift> Left arrow : Seek backward In the current song
  • Up arrow : Select the item above the current selection
  • Down arrow : Select the item below the current selection
  • Delete : Delete the current selection
  • / : Search
  • = : Increase the player volume
  • – : Decrease the player volume
  • <Alt>= : Rate the current song thumbs up
  • <Aft> – :  Rate the current song thumbs down
  • p : Create a new playlist
  • l : Create a new Instant mix from the selected song
  • s : Toggle shuffle on or off
  • r : Toggle repeat between off, all, and one
  • e : Edits the currently selected songs

Looking the them they look pretty close to what most of the music players provide and it wont be very difficult to learn and use it.  Apart from this Google Music also has Google Plus Integration which allows anybody in your circle to listen to the full song and even listen to the album without any advertisements or anything interrupting them in between. However people outside your circle i.e. Public or Extended can only listen to the preview.

Google Music

So one way its cool that your family will be able to utilize this to max without buying it again but then this can also invite another kind of selling which can be like a user will add someone in circle for lets say 30 minutes so he can enjoy the music and then remove him off the circle and he might charge for this.


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