Google Plus One Button now can show Faces

Call it a copy or say it adopting one of the most interesting feature of Facebook, Google Plus can now display Faces right next to Google Plus Button on any webpage if it is +1’d by anybody and it looks like this:

Google Plus Button Preview

There is a new annotation called as “inline” which can be added to the tag you already are using. What is interesting to see is that the tall size of the Google Plus button no more goes vertical but it becomes more horizontal.

By default, Google Plus Inline displays both faces and Name of the User which is linked. In case you think the space taken by the button ( which is 450 PX now ) is lot more, You can limit to show only faces by reducing the width between 120 ( which is minimum ) and 260. Done that you will see only faces in the inline button. Anything more then 260 will bring and +XXX +1’d this and if you reach 310, You will see linked profiles which is default.


Plus One Button with Faces

Remember viewing faces was only possible before when you hovered over  the plus one button, but now it is next to it.

How to grab this button ?

This feature has not rolled out yet, So to use this, You need to join this preview group and then go to +1 Button configuration tool and grab your button. Make sure you choose Inline Annotation when you generate your code.

So what next from here ? 

I am assuming next step should be to show profile details when somebody mouse hovers on the faces and if you are signed in you should be able to add them to your Circles. Taking this thought even a step ahead, I am sure Google Plus Comments are on their way.

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