Google Plus Pages get Managers and Transfer Ownership Mode

Finally Multiple Admins like Facebook Page feature has landed on Google Plus pages also where you can add people as managers to manage page and notification. Strange thing is you need to invite by email and you cannot add it by Google Plus ID from any of your circle or page circle.

Google Plus Managers

Managers Capabilities :

Manager Capabilties

Apart from Deleting the page and Transferring Ownership the manager can do almost anything including adding and removing other managers. So make sure you know whom you are adding to the list. Read More

Transfer Ownership Mode :

This allows you to completely get rid of page if you are getting rid of the website it is connected to and it allows to transfer it to any of the existing manager which will obviously become the next owner and you will become the manager.This looks like Feedburner Transfer Feed Function which came long time ago.

This feature is particularly very useful when somebody wants to sell of his site or has to transfer everything for legal issues and will not have to send out a request to Google Plus team for anything now. Read more

Transfer Ownership of Google Plus Page

Both of these can be accessed via the settings link which has started showing for every page you own on the right hand side and it will prompt you for the first time when you get on the page. I saw this notification like a minute back on my Google Plus Page.

The only drawback which I see here is I cannot define roles per manager basis which would have allowed me to add more then one person and one could have been set for only Replying to Posts or Creating new and other could have more power than this.

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