Google Reveals Top 100 Search Trends

If somebody can tip whats the top search keyword or trend in the search engines life for many internet sites will become easier as you can target those keywords, write better topics and get listed into top 10 list of the google search result. This can not only bring you so tremendous amount of traffic but also good numbers of readers. What is hot is always one the top wanted list of any Webmaster.

Google has started listing its daily top search trends. They listed their Top 100 Search trends and its really interesting to see it. Though its limited to USA but they might come upgrade to a world wide level. Here are the top 10,

Google Search : Hot Trends
Google Search : Hot Trends
  1. kassie depaiva
  2. tanzania national park
  3. clinton portis
  4. danny of radio days
  5. harry belafonte s daughter
  6. t mobile wing
  7. tessa horst
  8. singer ritter
  9. what part of a graduate’s costume gave the cordon ..
  10. d isere

Check out the complete list at Top 100 Search trends



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