Best Google Search Tips for more accurate results

One of the significant complaints non-techy users say is that “I can’t find this on Google.” Well, that is not surprising because most of the people repeat it with different keywords. Google search can be used to grab accurate result if you know how you can use it. So here are the best Google search tips if you want to search. It’s easy; you just got to read it with some concentration.

Best Search Tips Google

Best Google Search Tips for more accurate results

  1. Filter Search Results: If you see a lot of explicit material results coming on your search, what you can do is set the “Safe Search option On “ or “Use Strict Filtering.”
  2. Excluding Unwanted Results: If you want certain things not to be included in your search result, add “-minus sign) before that word. For example, “apple -banana,” So banana will not come into search results.
  3. The use of Quotes: If you want to look for a particular sentence, put them in quotes. So the search engine can understand you are trying to find a specific line. I had been using them when I get some error in WordPress. It accurately locates the error phrase.
  4. Cached Result: If some page is taking too much time to load, you can go for it. On every search result, at the end of the link, there is one more link as “Cached Result.” Clicking on that will give you access to the offline webpage but its possible that the data is not updated.
  5. Force Keywords: Sometimes, when we look for specific words, Its listed at the bottom of the search result. Google displays result according to many factors, say example, “Ashish Java Blog,” In this java and blog have a higher preference than Ashish so that Ashish might be listed somewhere down the page. So to force google to give Ashish higher preference use “+” sign. So the words would be now “Ashish+java+blogs.” Now the search engine can target Ashish.
  6. Ready Info: Google has some hidden gems. Some things you can get direct. Suppose you want to know some persons birth date, instead of writing pages like “When was Mozart born” type “Mozart Born.”
  7. Quick Definitions: Did you know Google has “define” command embedded in search engine!!! Even I was surprised. If you want to find some definition use like this “define: blogging.”
  8. Searching within site: Some sites have google search engines on their home page, so if you want to search something in that site, you need not go to that site, surprised? Use this “”
  9. Use Asterik: If you are not sure how a songs lyrics or sentence ents, then add an asterisk to it. Google will figure out everything related to it.
  10. Search for Multiple words: You can use OR operator in between two words. So if Google finds anything with first, it will reveal a search for another.
  11. Search for Range: If you use a double dot, i.e. .., then it searches for range. So if you say 90..99, then Google will search for all those. E.g., Who Won World Cup 90..99
  12. Find things nearby: If you want to find something around your location, then use Nearby with whatever you are looking.
  13. Misc: For specifying the domain name use like this “admissions:edu.” For determining file type “filetype: pdf.” For looking a word in the site’s title “allintitle: Microsoft knowledge” (Keep a space in between allintitle: and Microsoft).

All right, no more. It’s a little long, but I can bet these are useful. So if you have given your time to read this, I am sure you can search better now. Hey, do you have more? Just put into comments and let others and I know about it.


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