Review: Google Translation App

Are you thinking of downloading the best translation app for iOS or Android? Are you confused about the plethora of translation apps available for iOS or Android? Don’t worry. This article reviews the Google Translation app for iOS and how you can use it efficiently.

For years Google has been the go-to solution for any problem we have faced. But what if we don’t understand a language? Don’t worry! Google has come up with a solution for this, too – the Google Translation App!

Review Google Translation App

Review: Google Translation App

Are you worried that you don’t speak the language of the country you are traveling to? No worries! With the Google Translation App, navigating a foreign place is not as frightening as before. The app enables users to get accurate translations in real time.

The Google Translation App is one of the market’s best language translation mobile apps. The simple interface, availability of multiple languages, and high-level performance make it an ideal translation app. Besides, the vast array of features is impressive.

Features of Google Translation App

The Google Translation App is a feature-rich application. Integrating a wide range of features makes the app even more appealing. Take a look at these features:

1] Offline Usage

Arguably, the offline mode is one of the app’s best features. Understandably, a lack of a steady internet connection will happen when you are on the move. To help you with that, the app allows users to download the languages they need beforehand. If the languages are downloaded, you can use them offline.

Google Translation App for iOS Offline Feature

2] Write on the Screen

Did you know that the Google Translation app can detect what you write on the app screen? Shocked? That’s right! You can write what you want to translate on the screen and move ahead. Select the Handwriting feature and write on the Write here box.

3] Typing Translation

One of the most prevalent features of the Google Translation app is the typing aspect. You must type what you want to be translated and then choose the language. You can do this from the main screen of the app. It is easy to use and doesn’t need much direction.

Google Translation iOS App Review

4] Camera Translation

You can even use your phone’s camera for translation via the Google Translate app. That will help you to decode text written within an image or a board. However, keep in mind that only simple fonts can be detected.

5] Audio Translation

A newly added feature of the Google Translate app is conversation translation. Now, the app can translate what you are speaking into the desired language. That makes it extremely easy to converse with a person speaking a language you don’t know. The app detects the audio via a microphone and offers the translation on the screen.

6] User-friendliness

The ease with which you can use the app is impressive. The learning curve is simple and doesn’t require extensive training. You can install the app and start using it immediately.

7] Integration With Other Apps

You can use the Google Translate app even if it is not installed on your phone. That is because the app is integrated with other Google apps such as Chrome, Gboard, and more! For instance, you can open Chrome and type Translate for the translation window to show up. You can enter the text there for translation.

8] Supported Languages

The Google Translate app (as of September 2022) supports 133 languages at different levels. The most used languages are Spanish, English, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian and Portuguese. Other popular languages include Afrikaans, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, etc.


  • Available for free
  • Incredibly fast
  • Highly convenient
  • Uses a statistical approach


  • No proofreading
  • Not for confidential content

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The Google Translate app is one of the best translation applications for iOS. You can translate into multiple languages via text, audio, picture, and conversation. Besides, access to the offline version is an excellent addition.

However, there are some downsides too. For instance, the privacy regulations are sketchy, and not all languages work offline. If you want to use this app for professional purposes, don’t do that! But, if you are eager to travel and explore another country, you can use the Google Translate app. It will help you navigate the place seamlessly!

What Technology Does the Google Translate App Use to Translate?

The Google Translate app uses GNMT or Google neural machine translation to translate. It is Google’s proprietary NMT system. However, here, the human contribution also plays a significant role.

Google Translation App Is Best in Which Language?

The Google translation app is the best at translating the Afrikaans language. However, that is not the only one. Forty-one languages follow it with a 50% or more Tarzan score.

Can I Use the Google Translation App Offline?

Yes, you can use the Google translation app offline. But you need to download the languages you want onto the device. That way, you can translate without the need for an internet connection.

Is It Free to Use the Google Translation App?

Yes, it is free to use the Google Translation app. Google offers translation of texts, words, and phrases in more than 100 languages.

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