Google Voice comes to India

Looks like Google Voice is activated for India or at least for my account. I came to know about it as soon as I logged into my Gmail Account and was greeted by notification which said “Make Free Calls through 2011” which is absolutely free for US and Canada this year.  Though doubtful I tried making a call to a US number it worked like a charm, the first thing to notice was amazing voice clarity.

To use this you will need to be signed to Google Chat within Gmail and you should be able to see a new icon which says call. When you click on it, it will ask to install a small application required for Google Voice followed by restart of the browser.

Once  everything is installed  and you get back to your Gmail account and signed into chat, click on the green call button and you will a dialer on bottom right of your browser using which you can make calls. All your call history are stored in your account which can be seen here.

However number porting is still not available under my account, I can only see Billing and Account.

Below are the screenshots of Google Voice

Google Voice Greetings

Call Phones from Gmail


Google Voice Dialer


Google Voice Call History



  1. Are they trying in various countries??? I’m from UAE i had activated voice thru US IP earlier but 2 weeks ago it was activated in UAE IP also for one day. and UAE flag was shows in the dial pad. then it went off

  2. I saw another post like this a few days back. That was a glitch and google resolved it quickly. It still says the same error “Google Voice is not available in your country.”

  3. I also had it activated. But now i am unable to find the call option in google chat in gmail. What would have happened. Isit a glitch that it was activated briefly?


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