Google’s Dynamic Feed Control Wizard – How it might be working

Dynamic Feed control is a tool from Google Ajax Feed Api which uses search engine behind to find the feed urls based on keyword.  You can generate the code for it and display on your website or make something out of it. However In this post I am trying to find out what makes it work and here is a small analysis

The most interesting part that Dynamic Feed Control Wizard depends on words used in the feed, partially on ranking of the keyword in search engine and there is one more thing which could be powering this Dynamic Feed Control – FEEDBURNER, Exactly.  There is high possibility since feedburner had already been acquired by Google it might be used as a reference to find the feeds more accurately.  Lets see the analysis


When I looked for Problogger ( Hoping to find Probloggers feed ) it showed nothing but when I added  helping bloggers make money the feed was instantly picked up which is present both in feed url and tops the search engine for that. But when I typed Darren Rowse the result was nothing for feed even though its there in feed and ranks high in search engine results.



After this I picked up Amits blog ( ). I was surprised that when I typed in LABNOL, there was no result even though the Amits ranking is number one for the keyword labnol in search engiines. Hoever when I typed in AMIT. The feed came up. The reason as I see is, Amits Feed might conatin the his name “Amit” as text many times but labnol might not be there except in hyperlinks.


My Blog was picked up with Names technospot,Ashish Mohta and Manav Mishra. As these keywords are there in feed as well in search engines they rank high for my blog.


Over all there is not one thing which is controlling but its a good mix. This wizard is very useful if i want to create  mashup on particular keywords and read or even find some random feeds.You can give Dynamic Feed Control Wizard a try here

PS: Do correct me if there is something you find wrong with the analysis.


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