Google’s Video based Doodle on Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday

This is seriously awesome and came as a surprise, after animated Google Doodles, now we have the first second video based doodle right on the home page of Google, celebrating Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday which is on 16th of April ( Today is 15th, now sure why the Doodle came out one day early ).

Charlie Chaplins Google Doodle

The video is streamed directly from the YouTube and shows the black and white comedy action of Sir Charlie Chaplin. Now it’s not he himself but somebody has mimicked his action and this video definitely done by Google Itself.

You can forward, rewind, pause and mute the video. Any any moment you feel to stop the video, hit the arrow keys on your keyboard. Like all the doodles, clicking on it takes you to search result of the doodle but since this is the video you need to press arrow key and then click it again to see the search. Though this automatically happens when the video completes.

Google Doodle on Charlie Chaplins Birthday


  1. My son who is 3 years is laughing upon playing this charlie Chaplin’s doodle. It’s like he understood what Charlie Chaplin is doing 🙂


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