Got a dumb looking Hotmail Email Address ? Here is your chance to change

How many of you have numbers, underscore, year and all those funny looking names in your email address ? I am sure there are a lot. I remember in college days it used to be fun having such email address but when we moved to professional world, it made many look dumb.

(Un) Luckily  if you have one such email address with Hotmail or Live, they have rolled out a new feature called as Hotmail Alias which gives you a chance to create another ( nice sounding and more sensible ) email address which gets delivered in the existing account.

Though the primary idea of introducing this is to create separate email address for separate work i.e Job, Friends, Work and so on and still hide your real email address.

How to create an Alias Email Address in Hotmail :

  • Login to your email account.
  • Click on the configuration icon which shows up when you hover the Inbox label on left hand menu.
  • Here you get an option which says Create a Hotmail alias
  • This will then ask you to create a new email id which ends with, or live.xx where xx is your country.
  • Then at the end you get an option to set a filter which sends email send to this id into a separate folder. Very useful.
  • You can create any number of such aliases and can use it to send and receive email.

Create Hotmail Alias

Alias InBox Settings

If at any point of time you do not want to use it, go to Manage associated ID and remove it. If you remove this email address, you won’t be able to use it to receive Windows Live mail and you will lose your inbox. Additionally you will not be able to receive invitations, notifications, and alerts, or to be found through people search.

This is awesome work done by the Hotmail thing, something I had looked for this from a long time. I remember this  once came in yahoo but only one alias and GMail doesn’t have it yet except  Google Apps.


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