GPicSync lets you Geotag your images for Google Maps

GPicSync is an excellent geotagging tool. Photographers or anyone who want to show off their images and tell where exactly they took the photo. GPicSync can mix GPS track log with EXIF header of the picture. So, if you upload them on Google Maps, it can automatically pull the data. Here is how you can Geotag your images.

Geo tag your pictures

This software is straightforward to use. All you need is turn your GPRS on when you go out and take pictures. After you come back to use this software and give images and geotags as input and it does the Job. Since the time of snapshot is stored in your image EXIF metadata and GPRS knows at that time where were you, it knows which picture was taken where.

Note: You will have to use a GPS receiver to record a track log. Also, make sure to set local time and date of your camera precisely before shooting.

GPicSync lets you Geotag your Images for Google Maps

  • Launch GPicSync.
  • Select your pictures folder
  • Select the .gpx file
  • Set your timezone or the UTC offset manually
  • If you need to add Geonames metadata check “add Geonames and geotags” but be aware, there may be problems with non-English characters (more info here)
  • Hit the “synchronize !” button.
  • You can stop and adjust your setting at any time.

After this, open EXIF part of the picture, and confirm on the location.

Warning: By default, GPicSync doesn’t Geocode photos if the time difference is above 300 seconds. However, you can adjust this threshold in the interface.

You can now generate the KML file, and use it with Google Eart view a globe view of the picture.

Overall its a great software. I didn’t have a chance to test as I dont have a GPRS tracker but if you have its worth trying it. Check out [email protected] Codes

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