GrooveDown Downlods Music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is an online music community where you get to listen to songs and download it without worrying much about DMCA and legal stuff. The song which is yours stays yours even if you download it on your computer if you are not sharing or reselling it to anybody else.

So now since you can download and use it anywhere like your mobile device and tablets, let’s get to know a brand new tool, Groovedown which helps you download all your music from Grooveshark.

Groovedown provides a simple interface to search music which is available on Groovshark. Either type in your song name or select popular songs under tools. This will list down all the popular songs in the search list box. Now you can right-click or double click to add it to download queue.

Search and Download Music from Grooveshark

Once you have enough song in the queue, switch to Download List Tab and click on the Download Button. This will start the download and all songs will be stored in a folder which you can see under settings.

To change this you can choose a new path under settings. Another nice thing is all your downloaded songs are arranged in ArtistAlbumartist-song format which helps you better organizing your music collection. All songs are downloaded in MP3 Format with cover album.

As of now there is no Account Setup required which is available to with similar tool, SciLor’s grooveshark™.com Downloader which then gives you access to your PlayList on Grooveshark and download songs.

If you want to better manage music collection you can use tools like Music Bee and Tag Scanner. Download Groovedown from here


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