Guide to Manage Multiple user profiles in Chrome

Chrome Browser can have multiple user profile which either can be created right from the browser for family members if your they are using your computer. This will also help you sync profiles between computer if linked with a Google account and it can Sync Passwords, Apps, Bookmarks, Extensions, Auto fill, Preferences and Themes.

The biggest advantage of this is that you need not to use Switch Account Feature of Google account and use multiple profile but it comes with a drawback. Read along.

I saw this in Google Chrome Development Version.

Creating New Chrome User profile :

  • Click on the configuration icon on top right extreme icon which is on the panel where address bar is and select Settings
  • Look for a label which says “Users”, If this is the first time you are using it, You should see a button which says “New User”
  • Click on that and a new instance of Chrome will open with a icon on top left rigth next to the first tab ( New Tab )
  • In the latest update, It gives you option to connect it with your Google Profile if you want to sync your bookmarks and settings across browser. You may skip it.
  • Before you start using it, click on that icon and you will see two option, Default Profile, User 1.
  • Right next to User 1, You should see an icon which means EDIT.
  • Click on that and you will be able to give it a name and select icon from an existing list ( I really wish, Chrome would have allowed me to select a User Picture there )

New Profile Creation in Chrome

Connecting with a Google Account :

Once you are done creating a profile and you have switched to your profile, Select  Setup Sync Button which is right above Users Section.  This section will allow you to sync your Google Data between browsers on different computer. This is similar to what Firefox came sometimes back.

  • Click on Setup Sync Button and Sign in with your Google account.
  • Once Sign in is successful, you will get a pop up window with a button which says “Google Chrome securely syncs your data with your Google Account. Keep everything  synced or customize sync data types with encryption option”

Google Chrome Customize Sync Option

There are two things here :

  • When you choose to sync everything this becomes similar to your Android Device where your account is synced with all your Google Products.
  • You can either choose to encrypt everything with your Google Account Password or Use a pass phrase. When you choose a pass phrase and login to another chrome browser on another computer, this pass phrase will be used to get all your sync data back on that computer.

Pass Phrase to Customize Data in Chrome

Switch Profile :

Once you are done creating a profile, you should a see a face right next to the first tab on chrome. If you click on that you should see the list of profiles created. Select the one which you want to use and you have your own personal area. Every browsing you did or address you types will be in that profile.

Switch Profile Option in Google Chrome

At this moment if you got Options > Personal Stuff, The profile which is selected will have current word associated with it e.g. Dad ( Current ).

Now if this profile is connected to a Google Account, If you visit a Google Product and choose to signin, You will get an option saying “Sign in to this site using  : [email protected]” Along with a Sign in Button and Never Offer to Sign me in

Signin to Google Accounts

The Only Concern : Security

There is no option directly available that can allow me to password protect all the profiles which is created in chrome. Not sure why but without having a password protection, nobody will be interested in keep their data available to anybody. This leaves you to only one choice, use it with your family and and that even with only you can trust.


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