Guide to New YouTube Channel Interface

 For YouTube Users :

  • YouTube Home page is much useful now as it allows you to watch your subscribed videos much easily with the three column layout where all videos from a particular channel selected on the left are shown in the middle column.

Youtube Subscription

  • “Show Uploads Only” Filter makes sure that you only see the new videos and not anything which is added by another channel.

Show Uploads Only

  • Pin your Subscriptions : You can manage which subscription is displayed on your Home Page and you can rearrange using the subscription management.
    •  Click on Subscriptions  and it will take you to the list of channels you have subscribed to.
    • You can pin up to 10 subscriptions at the top of your homepage.
    • You can change your subscription option to unsubscribe, New Videos only and Also choose to email for instant email for every upload with just a mouse hover.

Subscription Managemenmt

  • Add New Channel : Seems like YouTube is now pushing users to what they should do primarily, subscribing to channels which they like and now there is a big blue Add Channel Button which takes you suggested list and other categories to find something which you may like.
  • You also have Categories recommended from YouTube but sadly you cannot control it.

Overall YouTube has done a great job for regular users who love to watch the videos. This is more engaging and will let users hang around more.

For YouTube Channels :

  • You get your special position on left sidebar top where you not only have your Channel Image but also quick links to Videos, Likes, History, Watch Later for quick access.
  • Any Comment added to your video is added as notification right under it. For both of them you don’t have to leave the page.

Youtube Channel Facelift

  • My Videos is now renamed to Video Manager which includes Video Editor, Subscription, Analytics etc.
  • Insights is renamed to Analytics which you get under every video
  • You can change the view of your channel which is under Edit Channel > Feature Tab and choose between Creator, Blogger View, Network and everything.

Edit Channel View

For YouTube Partners :

I am bit disappointed here because there is not much changes for them. I hope we see more coming soon for them.

Getting the Banner Back :

YouTube Partners have option to upload an image and add links using Image Map but for some reason the new interface does not migrated that along with. So if you want to do it make sure you copy the settings from Old Interface and then switch to new.

In case you have already switched, you can switch back to older interface and still see all the settings. This option is available under Edit Channel > Appearance > Channel Version

Switch to Old Channel Version

How to make a video autoplay when somebody visits your channel ?

  • Under Features Tab, Add A video by clicking Add Featured Video and then selecting  one the videos from all uploaded videos or from playlist.
  • Done that, select checkbox which says “Automatically start playing the video once the channel loads”

How to Add Features Video in YouTube Channel

Send Subscribed Users to Feed Tab :

When an already subscribed user comes back to your channel, you can send him to Feed Tab as many users like to interact and know what is latest. For this reason you can choose this settings under Edit Channel >Info and Settings > Select Check box which says Always take subscribed users to the feed tab. Videos which are liked by you and added to favorite will also appear here.

Remove Featured Tab :

If you want pus more of Feeds update and let the see more of video section than sorted out Playlist, you can choose to remove the featured tab completely. Though I highly doubt it makes a lot of sense but if you want to go to Edit Channel > Featured Tab  and Uncheck Enable Featured Tab.


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