Guide to Save Laptop Battery Life : Tools : Part 3

Saving battery and run your laptop longer do need some precautions and using habits which we had talked while discussing on

In this post we will discuss on How you can use different tools and indicators to better power management your laptop and indicators which will help you in tracking battery life.

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Trouble Shooting laptop battery power consumption

  • Windows 7 Built in Command Line utility : powercfg is command line utility which can generate report for power management. You can read this report  and find out how you can optimize your laptop well  before you start traveling. Read More on this

Laptop Battery level indicators and notifiers

  • Remaining Notebook Battery Notifier:  Read More
  • Laptop battery Alarm: Read More
  • Find remaining Laptop Battery power with mouse cursor Read More
  • Laptop Battery Power Monitor:  Download from here
  • Low battery notifier for novice users : Battery4Life With big alert screen
Low battery notifiers
Low battery notifiers

More Power Profile Creators

  • Power Slave : This software lets you create power plan based on timing. This could be help if lets say you travel most of the time in day and you get back to office around sometime and then to home, SO you can have 3 power profile created which automatically changes according your working habit. Download Power Slave
  • Using Windows 7 Power Plan to create new power profile to be used when on battery.

I would suggest you to bookmark this page so you can always find new tools and tips for saving battery power and make laptop batteries last longer. Feel free to suggest more tools you are already using it.

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Find remaining Laptop Battery power with mouse cursor
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Find remaining Laptop Battery power with mouse cursor
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