Guides and Calculators to Find Right Air Conditioner Size (AC)

Finding the right air conditioner for your room requires some careful consideration. While a smaller AC may not cool effectively, a bigger one can raise electricity bills and cause humidity issues in the room. But what if there was a way to enter the dimensions, number of persons in the room, and other details and get the right AC size? Well, there is. This article will teach us about specific guides and calculators to find your room’s right air conditioner size.

Calculators To Find The Right Air Conditioner Size

What are Air Conditioner Sizes, Why they Matter?

Air conditioner sizes are not just about the physical dimensions but also the cooling capacity, which is measured in different units across various regions around the globe. Some of the most common measurements of air conditioner sizes are BTU (British thermal units), Tonnage, Watts, and Kilowatts. There are several reasons why you should consider the size of an air conditioner before buying it:

  • Cooling Capacity: A smaller AC will not cool your room appropriately, while a bigger one will cool it too quickly, causing the underutilization of its capacity.
  • Costs:  A less-capacity AC will cost less to buy and run, while a bigger one is vice versa, making it crucial for you to make the right decision.
  • Health Concerns: An oversized AC unit can excessively reduce a room’s humidity, leading to throat irritation and dry skin. Several conditions, such as asthma, can also be aggravated.

To calculate room size for AC, use a measurement tape and get it done.

Guides and Calculators to Find the Right Air Conditioner Size

This section will look at several online calculators that take in different parameters and find the right AC size for your room. Here’s all that’s covered:

  1. Omnicalculator
  2. AC Direct AC Sizing Calculator
  3. Carrier Midea AC Tonnage Calculator
  4. Mitsubishi AC Tonnage Calculator

Let’s dive into the AC size calculator guide!

1] Omnicalculator

Omni Calculator AC Sizing Calculator

OmniCalculator is one of the most reliable AC sizing calculators out there, especially in terms of AC room size calculator.

The site has diverse calculators for almost everything related to your house or life. The Omni calculator considers Room Type, Sunlight Exposure, Number of people, and room dimensions to calculate the right AC size for your room. You can get the output in various units: BTU (British Thermal Units), Watts, or Kilowatts.

The site also offers a functionality to share the results. This allows you to send them to your AC seller or someone entitled to make the purchase decision.

Visit Omnicalculator

2] AC Direct AC Sizing Calculator

AC Direct AC Sizing Calculator

AC Direct AC Sizing Calculator is tailor-made for users in the US. The AC sizing calculator considers various regions of the United States based on their average temperatures. Then, you are asked for the purpose of the AC and the room size in square feet. While the tool is not as detailed as the Omnicalculator, it still has a distinct feature where an AC is recommended based on your region’s average temperature. This calculator only calculates the AC sizing in terms of Tonnage, a standard US unit. The tool also suggests some brands for Air conditioning after the results are generated.

Visit AC Direct AC Sizing Calculator

3] Carrier Midea AC Tonnage Calculator

Carrier Midea AC Sizing Calculator

Carrier Midea AC Tonnage Calculator is this list’s most detailed AC tonnage calculator. The AC tonnage calculator considers the room Size, number of people, state (India Specific), floor level, glass window area, number of appliances, and window direction. This tool also displays the AC sizing in terms of tonnage, which is a standard AC sizing unit for India.

Visit Carrier Midea AC Tonnage Calculator

4] Mitsubishi AC Tonnage Calculator

Mitsubishi AC Tonnage Calculator

Last but not least, the Mitsubishi AC tonnage calculator can prove to be the best AC tonnage calculator for you. It considers the room dimensions, wall dimensions, window dimensions, number of people, and the number of appliances in the room. This gives it a complete idea of the room and gets you the perfect AC tonnage for your room. The tool is not specific to a country or region, which is an added advantage.

Mitsubishi AC Tonnage Calculator

We hope that you found this article insightful and that you were able to find the right Air Conditioner size for your room.

I Am Living in India. Should I Buy an AC Based on the Tonnage?

Yes, if you live in India, “ton” is the standard unit for ACs. Every manufacturer states the AC’s cooling capacity in India is tons only. Average ACs for homes start at 1 ton and can go up to 3 tons in India. To convert Tonnage to BTU/h, the scale is 1 Ton = 12000 BTU/h.

Are Window ACs Lower in Power Consumption but Higher in Cooling Capacity than Split ACs?

Windows ACs are not typically lower in power consumption than split ACs, and the low power consumption can be attributed to the lack of outdoor units with Windows ACs. As for the cooling capacity, a 1.5-ton Window AC will cool the same as a Split AC with a similar capacity. The notion of a Window AC being more effective is established because, often, the users are directly in the path of the air outlet when it comes to Window ACs.


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