I wish Gustav to replace Paint in next Windows

Artists who had been using Windows for getting their natural painting experience by spending lot of money on high end hardware might have a good chance of getting Gustav, realistic painting-system prototype that enables artists to become immersed in the digital painting experience in Next version of windows ( THIS IS JUST MY VISION ) and it would best that it replaces paint.

Drawing like real world on PC had been restricted due to lack of high end graphics card or processor power which wasnt cheaper before but with hardware getting cheaper every year and affordable by mass,Project Gustav is an excellent application that any user who love to draw would love to get their hands on. Here are some snapshots of drawings made using Gustav on Windows :


And here is more on Gustav :

Typically the experience of painting on a computer is nothing like painting in the real world. Real painting is actually a very complex phenomenon – a 3D brush consisting of thousands of individually deforming bristles, interacting with viscous fluid paint and a rough-surfaced canvas to create rich, complex strokes. Until fairly recently, the amount of computing power available on a typical home computer simply hasn’t been sufficient to attempt simulating such a real-world painting experience in any detail. Project Gustav aims to leverage the increasing power of the PC and ever faster graphics processors and combine that with a natural user interface, to bring a rich painting experience to a wide audience including hobbyists and professionals alike. The result is a prototype system that contains some of the world’s most advanced algorithms for natural painting.

Find more about this Project here and see more drawings.


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