Review: Hamster Video Converter for Any Video Format

Have you ever encountered a situation where you wanted to play a video on a particular device, and it’s not playable? It is mainly because that device does not support playback for that specific video format. To play the video on such a device, you have to convert the video into one of the supported codecs on the device. Most devices support MP4 videos nowadays. However, some devices still only support older formats like 3GP.

Whatever be the format, converting video to a specific codec is a slow and technical process; Hamster Video Converter can ease this. In this article, we are going to review the features of the Hamster Video Converter. Please Make sure you stay tuned till the end of this article as we’ll discuss each important feature of this application in-depth and also state the pros and cons. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight in.

Why Convert Videos?

There can be various reasons for converting videos, the primary of them being the incompatibility of the footage on specific devices. Converting videos to a different codec will also allow you to reduce the video size without losing much of the quality. You may also convert videos to reduce or increase the bitrate.

Let’s now proceed with the review.

Hamster Video Converter Review

Hamster video converter is a fast and easy-to-use video converter with specific functionality. The software has all the essential features but does not bloat your computer by acquiring unrequired storage space for features you may not need. The software offers a state-of-the-art feature with codec presets based on the device and its manufacturer. However, you can choose to use the preset or select the codec and other aspects. On top of all these handy features, the application also lets you extract audio from a video by converting it to MP3, and you can convert multiple videos simultaneously.

Review: Hamster Video Converter for Any Video Format

There is a wide range of formats available. You can choose from MP4, MKV, AAC, 3GP, AVI, MPEG, WMV, and many others. The tool has support for more than 200 devices across various manufacturers.

Talking about the pros, the Hamster video converter is small in size, has specific preset codecs for a wide range of devices, and lets you convert videos in multiple formats, including MP3. The tool also has support for batch conversion. You can also modify the bitrate to increase or decrease the size of videos and improve compatibility.

For the cons, the Hamster video converter does not probably support Windows 11 since there is no mention of it on the manufacturer’s website. Upon installing, the tool did work on our computers. However, you can still face some issues regarding this. The tool is also not regularly updated, unlike many other popular video convertor softwares out there.

Hamster video converter is entirely free to use and download, which is a plus point. To sum it all up, if you are looking for a video converter with conversion presets for various devices, then the Hamster video converter will be a perfect fit for you. The interface lacks certain parts. Other than that, the tool is packed with all the essential functions you may look for in a video converter. Hamster video converter can have compatibility issues for Windows 11; however, it still works.

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Well, this was all for our review on the Hamster video converter. While converting any video, ensure you have a backup of the original video stored safely since this process can result in the video getting corrupted. For the best and fastest conversion, ensure you don’t increase or decrease the bitrate a lot. Other than that, the time taken for conversion will depend largely on the size and resolution of the video. We hope you found the article to be insightful to you. Please make sure you share it with everyone.

Does Reducing Bitrate Of A Video Decreased Its Quality?

Bitrate is the amount of information loaded within the audio and visual part of the video. The lower the bitrate, the less dense the amount of data loaded in the video will be. Therefore, decreasing the video bitrate will result in the loss of video quality.

Can I Convert Video To A Different Format To Increase Its Quality?

Converting a video to a different format won’t increase the video’s resolution, definition, and overall quality, as all you do when you change the format of a video is change codecs. To improve the quality of a video, it needs to be professionally remastered, which is a complex process and can only be done by professionals.


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