Hate the Facebook ticker? Hide it now [Browser Extensions]

You must have seen the recently added ticker on the right side of your Facebook homepage which keeps showing you the updates and other activities from your friend in real time. In other words this ticker is like a real time feeds of the updates and activities from your friends.

Now, by nature we generally oppose changes, as long as these changes aren’t really adding up too much to our productivity or convenience, and hence most of don’t like this ticker much. If you too belong to same category, keep reading this post. Here are some ways to get rid of this irritating ticker on your Facebook profile. Most of them are browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, here goes the list –

Disable Hide Facebook news ticker Browser Extension

Chrome Extensions  to remove Facebook Ticker

  • Unannoying Facebook –

This one is an awesome Google Chrome Extension, simply install it and you get rid of the Facebook ticker, the extension does exactly what it says, simple.

Install Unannoying Facebook

  • Facebook News Ticker Remover –

Another simple extension, this too simply removes the News Ticker Stream from your Facebook home. This extension has been developed by “arikfri”.

Install Facebook News Ticker Remover

  • Facebook News Ticker Remover –

This is another Google Chrome Extension to get rid of that annoying news ticker from the Facebook, the name of this one and the one discussed earlier is same, but this one has been developed by “inspirin”.

Install Facebook News Ticker Remover by inspirin

  • Facebook Ticker Remover –

This one too does the same thing, i.e. removes the news ticker from the Facebook page, and allows you a hassle free interface of your Facebook profile. However this one didn’t work very well for me, try it out and share with us if it worked well for you.

Install Facebook Ticker Remover

  • Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker –

Hide Facebook Sidebar Ticker is another way to get rid of that irritating News Ticker, removes the news ticker, and leaves the chat bar intact. And if you ask me, it removes the news ticker very neatly, i.e. without giving the feel that there was something present earlier at that place on the page. Try it.

Install Hide Facebook Sidebar Ticker

  • Disable FB Sidebar Ticker – Ticker Disabler –

The extensions discussed so far just disable the news ticker while they allow you to see the sidebar which allows you to chat with your online friends, this one is different, it completely disables the sidebar, neither do you see the news ticker, nor the chat window.

Install Disable FB Sidebar Ticker – Ticker Disabler

Firefox Add-ons  to remove Facebook Ticker

There are ways to get rid of the Facebook ticker if you use Firefox as your default browser, here is the list.

  • Facebook Ticker Removal –

Simply install this add-on and now open your Facebook profile and you will now never come across that Facebook ticker as long as you are signed-in using the Firefox. Though an experimental add-on, but works well, does exactly what it says.

Install Facebook Ticker Removal

  • Feed Filter –

This one is an another extension for Firefox, as per the claims, it isn’t just a way to get rid of the Facebook News Ticker, rather this is a tool which allows you to fully customize your Facebook as per your choice and liking. I installed it and it shows you the options to fully customize Facebook for you; however this didn’t work for me, installing and later editing the option, didn’t seem to have any impact on my Facebook home page.  May be there is some issue which I couldn’t resolve, as I can see people praising this add-on.

Install Feed Filter

Visit the official page Feed Filter website

  • Facebook – Ticker Remover –

This one is a user script, which requires Stylish to be installed first on your Browser, and later you can install the script to make the News Ticker disappear.

Install Stylish, and then the Facebook – Ticker Remover script.

  • Facebook Side Ticker Remover –

This one is another script, which requires the Greasemonkey or Scriptish to be first installed on your browser, and later you can install the Facebook Side Ticker Remover. Unfortunately, this too didn’t work for me, but I a friend of mine is pretty happy with this script. So, you can probably give it a try.

Install the Facebook Side Ticker Remover

This is the end of the list as of now, will update it if I find some more ways to disable the news ticker, however, in case you are using some other browser like Opera, IE, or Safari, you can probably use the F.B. Purity to customize your Facebook.

Facebook keeps launching the new features, and this probably is must in order to survive in tough competition, however as a user often fail to appreciate these changes, thanks to the developers who help us to kind of roll back these features, we have seen this happening earlier when we didn’t welcome the Theatre View for Photos and the Questions feature in Facebook.