Hide your Face getting Recognized on Facebook

Facebook now has an automated feature which can find if you are in an image which means if you had tagged your friends on a picture taken together, you have one step less, to at least recognizing yourself. So how does this work exactly ?

  • You Upload a picture where there are a couple of friends in it.
  • Facebook will start scanning and see if images in that look like somebody on Facebook.
  • Now lets assume one of your friend who is a common friend of the person in that image, Facebook will prompt users to tag him

This sounds like Viewdle tool which automatically tags your Friends on Facebook Before uploading.

The problem with Facial Recognition :

Though according to Facebook tagging somebody in images are being done very often and that’s true also, however prompting will bring even more notifications and anybody who is not a friend also will find me even if I do not want that. This becomes perfect tool for breaching my security.

How to disable Facial Recognition or the Tagging Feature ?

Simple answer is you cannot. Complex answer is that you can control it though. So if you are really concerned about your privacy and do not want all these tag beat drumsticks. There are three things you need to do, Firs  got to your Privacy Settings

Remove your tags from Photos :

When you view a picture where you have been tagged, there is an option which allows you to remove that.

Remove Tag from Photos in Facebook

Let friends of people tagged in my photos and posts see them

This options means that if there is a Friends Friend which is not a common friend, then he can see you tagged in that picture and can visit your profile. If you do not want strangers to visit you, uncheck this option first.

Facebook Tag Privacy Settings

Stop automated suggestions of you getting tagged

Facebook says you can stop your images getting recognized by disabling an option which is available in your Facebook Privacy Settings. A new setting appears which is turned on by default and it says “Suggest photos of me to friends. When photos look like me, suggest my name”.

You need to click on edit settings and then disable it from the dropdown. This makes sure “Facebook” doesn’t recognizes you automatically and prompt your friend to tag you.

In case you do not see this settings, this means it is not yet rolled in your account.

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