Hide/Unhide Desktop Icons in one click

I often post videos (screencasts) in my posts, while creating them I try to hide the icons on desktop, because I generally use my desktop as a dumping ground. My desktop is often found with loads of downloaded files, though I keep moving them to specific folders and even to recycle bin but still it often looks messy.

So while making videos, I used to create a new folder, cut-paste all the files on desktop to it, and once I am done with video I used to bring those files back to desktop. However now I don’t need to do this, because I got this small tool to help me out, named as HideDesktopIcons, which can help me to hide or unhide the desktop icons in just one click. Thanks to How-To Geek for this awesome tool.

Hide or Unhide Desktop Icons in One Click

You just need to download a small zip file, unzip and run the exe file. You immediately get this icon on your taskbar, now you can hide or unhide your desktop icon in just one click. Cool isn’t it?

Have a look at this animation below.

Hide Unhide Desktop Icons in One Click

So go ahead and Download HideDesktopIcons Application and enjoy the magic of hiding and unhiding the desktop icons.