Highlight the web pages with The Awesome Highlighter

Highlighting the text for better understanding is something we have been doing for a long time, in schools, in colleges, in offices almost everywhere, this is a trend. Now imagine sending a web page to your friend, which contains lots of text, obviously not each and every sentence on the page is important, so, if there is a tool, using which we can highlight the important sentences or the substantial content on this page, wouldn’t it be a nice idea???

“The Awesome Highlighter” is the answer, click on the link and type in the URL of the web page you want to send to a friend. Hit the ‘Highlight Page’ button, which will open the web page for you along with the highlighting tool, as shown below.

Now your mouse cursor turns into a Highlighter Pen,

  • Highlight whatever you want to.
  • Use the ‘add a note’ button to add sticky notes.
  • Finally hit the ‘Done’ and get the new URL for the webpage.

Have a look at this page, I have tried to use The Awesome Highlighter on Ashish’s Latest post on ZIp Map

You can also use it as a Mozilla Add-on here, so that you don’t need to visit the The Awesome Highlighter everytime. I found it very useful, to make the sender of the link very clear, without letting any confusion and wastage of time to come into picture. What do you think about it?? Share with us.

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