Hijack This helps you analyze Registry against browser attacks

Browsers are one of the tools which are always main target to attack people either by installing malicious scripts, registry values or phishing. Though it is not easy to find each and every one but Hijack This makes this easy for you by analyzing registry values and giving you a quick fix if anything you find it unknown.

Hijack this analyzer

You can select any of the registry values and click on fix. This will fix that by deleting the key and dll associated with it. If you are not sure enough make sure you discuss with others as it might from a trusted software which you had used. Remember this tool doesn’t discriminate between good and bad but helps you to find registry values much easily.

Apart from this you can configure some of them as white listed and can create registry backup before changing anything. You can restore it at any point of view.

Hijack this configuration

Don’t forget to check the a tool under Misc. heading which lets you delete a file on reboot which is very helpful when a virus doesnt all you to delete it or recreates itself after deletion. This tool should take care of it.

Find and Download Hijack This.


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