Honda : Living With Robots

Humanoid Robots Honda

How it would be living with the Robots ? Can you imagine or accept a fact to have a robot assistant at home helping your mom at kitchen or your dad painting the house.  Honda though being an automobile company has invested in building robots since 1986 and has one model Asimo which is bipedal humanoind robot for home. This robot took 10 years to walk in the right manner.

Honda Asimo

Below is a video where many top levels of Honda has talked on this :

One of the intresting fact which Ray Blank, Senior Vice President, Honda Motoryclce Division said that Honda has the best Anti Lock Break system which comes from the endvero from buling a robot that can walk upstairs.

Also there had been research on the comfort level of humans with robots. It was found that more the robots are like humans the better they are but there is a point to which the comfort rises after which the fear factors takes the hill down.

Honda Uncanny Valley


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