How Browsers Help us Troubleshooting Internet Connection

Browsers are one of the key tool to internet when you are on your desktop. They help you go anywhere and get almost anything. Today I was getting disconnected from internet a number of time and it was interesting to see what browsers tell us when they cannot connect to Internet. I see this very important, because if they can help me troubleshooting basic stuff, I will save making one call to my ISP and teach somebody this too.

Below is the screenshot of  :

  • IE: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
  • Chrome : The webpage is not available.
  • Opera : Could not locate remote server.
  • Firefox : Server Not found.

I give IE and Chrome the same points though they help in entirely different way. Chrome language is much easier to understand but IE takes you on step inside the system with their Diagnose Connection Problems which leads to an overhaul of troubleshooting which has worked many a times for me.

Opera Help was ok not so simple and not very geeky. Firefox, I felt like giving a zero. The page doesn’t make a sense at all.

IE Internet Troubleshooting


Chrome Internet Connection Troubleshooting


Opera Internet Troubleshooting.


FF Internet Connection Troubleshooting


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