Why Windows 10 Boots up so fast? Hibernated Kernel, Fast Startup, Multi-phase

Windows 10 or Windows can boot in 2 seconds, and its not because of powerful hardware, but how Windows shuts itself down. In this post, we will share why Windows 10 or Windows 8 will boot faster than its predecessors.

Why Windows 10 or Windows 8 boots fast?

Here we explain why Windows 10 and Windows 8 boot lot faster than Windows 7.

  1. Hibernated Kernel
  2. Multi-phase resume
  3. Configurable Hybrid Kernel

It is possible to disable Windows 8 or Windows 10 Fast Boot.

1] Hibernated Kernel

WIndows 8 Fast Startup Compared to Windows 7 Cold Boot

Till Windows 7, when the system was shut down, it used to be a complete shutdown, i.e. Shutdown of the Windows Kernel and the User session. Starting with Windows 8, and now Windows 10,  Windows Kernel will go into hibernation, and user sessions will shutdown.

When Windows starts, the majority of time is taken by the Kernel. Windows Machine takes to bring the kernel up compared to the user session. Using Hibernated Kernel, it will be almost like turning on a hibernated machine back to life.

2] Multi-phase resume

WIndows 8 Fast Startup Phases

During bootup of the hibernated kernel, parts of it are done in parallel phase using the capability of multiple cores in the processor. It means if you have a multiple-core processor, your Windows 10/8 Performance for boot will be much smoother.

The phases are :

  • POST / Pre Boot
  • Hiberfile Read
  • Driver Init
  • User Session Unit.

3] Hibernate File is configurable :

Windows 8 and Windows 10 allow you to configure the size of Hibernate File or completely turn it off if you are running out of space, but then your system will not be able to take advantage of all the fast boot features. The commands that are used to configure Hibernate files are :

  • powercfg /hibernate off
  • powercfg /hibernate /size

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)

If you have a motherboard that uses UEFI instead of traditional BIOS, It will add another factor of how fast your computer can boot. So if you are purchasing new hardware for Windows 10 or 8, Make sure it does have UEFI.

How to disable Fast Boot in Windows 10?

Now, if you replaced hardware or changed something, How do you make Windows 10 or Windows Boot from scratch? Windows 10/8 will have an option added to Shutdown called as /full, which will do a cold start, which will do the old style boot to detect any changes. Read more about it here.

The Windows team posts a complete video on this if you want to take a look, Visit this post


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