How the human brain interprets data – AI vs Humans

AI or Artificial Intelligence is getting evolved as you read this post. It’s real and a bare fact AI will be a significant role-player sooner or later as Technology improves, but have we ever thought why AI? The human brain is said to be the most complicated thing in the world. So the questions here is that, then why do we need AI? Is it just because it’s fast? Can it retrieve information faster or compute more accurately when compared to humans? In this post, we will look at how the human brain interprets data compared to AI.

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How the human brain interprets data – AI vs. Humans

Let’s take a look at the aspects of AI vs. Humans for a couple of days. I will be running a  series of posts, covering some points, and try to interpret and explain this next generation of Life that will be coming up one way or the other in few years (maybe like 5-10 years). This post, I will be focusing more on How AI interprets data and compare it with the Human Brain, but before that, let’s try to understand AI a little.

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?

Intelligence is said to be the natural ability of living forms to interpret data and grow smarter. Every life form has intelligence. It will be rather incorrect to say that only humans know. Even a dog has else would not have fetched a newspaper for you every day.

You can argue to say it’s only a habit which is developed as training, but then how it finds something is wrong with the newspaper when somebody has tampered it to kill you. It’s just a matter of being more or less intelligent due to the limitation of evolution and genes. Such intelligence, like this, can be termed as Natural Intelligence.

So back to the question of what is an AI, If a set of things, which are non-living, are given life, and they work together to interpret and evolve as they solve more problems and has the power of reasoning forms Artificial Intelligence.

Take games as an example., Many games’ strategy changes according to how you play the game. It can change the way of the path to fight back against the player as it’s algorithm keep tracks of what can be your next motive or why are you playing like this. It interprets and reasons. Smart games even store the information, so when you do the same thing, again, it will be easier to guess the next move.

Now that’s Intelligence. AI is not just restricted to robots, humanoids (human-like robots) it’s more than that.

Data Interpretation :

Data is a set of point which has no real meaning unless you interpret it to give some sense to your intelligence. How it’s is interpreted is an individual choice and his ability of reasoning.

Now how Humans respond to data, let’s take an example. Take an image of your favorite Hollywood star, see it for a while, and then keep it away from yourself. Next time when you see the same image again somewhere else,  you will instantly recognize that you have already seen that image. Now, have you ever given a thought about how you recognized him or her? Did you just make a comparison of the image you saw and measured inch by inch to match if it’s the same guy?

The real reason for such fast recognition is that the Human brain searches data more in a dispersed manner; it remember things more as a snapshot and not by its exact size or length.

On the other hand, if AI is used for the same thing, it will use exact addressing and algorithm to search and match if it’s the same person inch by inch. Machines use indexing, precise addressing to retrieve data, and then confirm that it’s the same person.

Confused? If yes, let me make it more simple. Machines or Artificial Intelligence store and retrieve data with the help of addresses. They will match images by size width and other parameters. Whereas Human Brain does not store it on addresses, it’s stored here and there. So when the time comes to interpret, it uses it’s own algorithm to find those images to make a match.

This is what makes the Human Brain faster than AI. You can interpret data fast and respond much quicker, but there is one drawback. Accuracy. As things are stored as a snapshot, we lose efficiency; this is where AI or computers win. As it indexes and use mathematics, they produce much accurate result but at the cost of time.


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