How many in US are reading newspaper on Mobile / Tablets ?

A report posted at Column Five Media, shows how close is the paper media to its end.  With 84% of  American Adults having Mobile and 7% owning a tablet and 70% of Young Adults use the mobile device to view local news, its clear that our grandchildren will have to go to Museum to see a copy of popular news paper.


Via Column Five Media | Via GigaOm


  1. It’s funny. Last night on a tv show I was watching, they were discussing how someone stole a bunch of newspapers from newspaper bins outside of a store. One of the commentators turned to the other and said., “Do they still even make newspapers?”. I thought, after reading this article, that was even more ironic.
    I can’t honestly remember when the last time was I opened a newspaper. I catch up on most news, etc, online, either through my computer or phone. I wonder how long it really will be until this is standard and traditional newspaper is no more.


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