How to set Multiple Passwords for Windows 8 User Account

Starting with Windows 8, it is now possible to login to a Windows Account in 3 different ways. This gives an advantage to recover windows account for many users who forget their password immediately after setting up a strong password. Starting with Windows 8 New Login System, you can have a strong password and forget about it by setting up additional PIN based password (Numerical Based) and Picture Based password. Lets learn how to set it up :

Table of Content :

  • Login using PIN
  • Login Using Picture Password / Gesture Based
  • Login using Windows Live Account
  • Video Demo of all three.
  • Auto Login without Password

All the options are available under user account. Control Panel > Users

Windows 8 Account Login Multiple Password

Setting up PIN Based Login

  • Look for option which says PIN Logon and click on button labeled as Create a PIN.
  • Next you will have to authorize by providing the current password
  • Next you will need to enter 4 digit password, Confirm.
  • Logout and Login to use.
Setup Windows 8 User PIN

Troubleshooting :

If you have setup your PIN prior to setting up with Windows Live Account, It is possible that PIN logon will fail. Not sure why it happens but after you connect your Windows Live Account with user Account, Reset your PIN.

Setting up Picture Password / Gesture Based Password

Picture Password is useful  as it will be difficult to be guessed by anyone on how you have set it up. While setting up Picture Password, you need to choose certain area of your picture as password which can be marked by either tapping or by circling an area.

Now Circling is good if you are using a touch based device. I failed many a times using it with a mouse but, if you use TAP using Mouse it works awesomely.

Under your User Account, Look for Option which says Picture Password > Create Picture Password. In this process, you will need to select a Picture from your Library or by browsing and then either use Circle or Tap to select parts of the image which will be your password.


Gesture Based Password

Using Windows Live Account

In Windows 8, it is possible to logon using a Mucriosoft Account or the Windows Live ID. So it is possible to either create an account using Windows Live id or upgrade it later.

This adds another layer of security for your Windows Account but, you will not be able to use a password which you created for local account.

Troubleshooting :

In case you are not connected to Internet at the time of logon to an account which is connected to Windows Live ID, you will be asked to use the last password that was used with your Live Account. This will at least make sure you are able to login to your account.

This is also useful for many users who connect to internet using User Name password only after they have logged into the system.

Video demo of all the above three process 


How to Automatically Login ?

Windows 8 does not have “Remove Your Password” feature as Windows 7 users have in their account. So to make any account password less, We can use the Good Old netplwiz which you need to type in the run prompt. Once that opens, you will see list of users of the computer. Now select any of the user for which you do not want to have login and uncheck the option above, which says, “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer via

Disable Password fro Windows 8 User Account


Warning : When you do this, this account becomes the default account of your computer and Windows will automatically login this without displaying options for other users. You will need to Logoff and switch user to logon to any other account.

Video demo of Password Less Account in Windows 8

Password Less Account can be created in two ways, First by following the above method for any existing account or keep the fields blank when creating a new windows account. It Works.

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