How much you will end up paying extra when using a Credit Card

Credit Card is one thing which charms everybody, spending money which you don’t have is always charming. However at the end of the day you will have to pay off but have ever wondered how much you end up paying ? Exactly the same amount you spent ? Not really unless you have already put some amount in advance ( which I practice with my credit card ).

Real Damage is a free Credit Card Tool which calculates how much you will end up paying by taking the interest  and Annual Percentage rate. Of course if you pay off in time like me, there is no issue on that but if you carry the dept this tool will help you.

How much extra you pay when using credit card

So make sure you use the credit card when required and if doing online make sure you can find if that site is a Phishing site or not. Via Consumerist Via Lifehacker


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